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Tooth Decay

All tooth decay must be removed and the tooth repaired.  Every day you postpone treatment will end up costing you more money, more time, and more of your tooth. It would be great if filling a tooth meant  you only had to remove the decayed part.  unfortunately, that’s not the case. The decay, once it gets into the dentin, often spreads out in all directions.  Many times the decay will undermine the enamel that supports the dentin, and the enamel above the dentin will have to be removed. If it isn’t, the enamel will collapse. The filling material needs the support of the enamel and the dentin to make the filling stay in place and to withstand the forces exerted upon it from chewing.  If your dentist says you have a little decay but he has to remove a lot of the tooth in order to place the restoration, you’ll know why. If the decay extends to the side of a tooth he will need to remove enough tooth structure to allow him to place the margins of the filling into areas that can be easily cleaned.  This is important to prevent new decay at the vulnerable area where the tooth meets the filling.  Please contact your truest dentist in Tacoma WA if you have any concern that you may have a tooth decay.