Our Biologically Friendly Dental Care Strategies

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Our dental practice does not use mercury “silver” fillings. There are many views (refer to IAOMT or ADA Website) on this topic. We do not believe it is necessary to debate the technicalities of the issue. We feel our patients deserve the best dental materials and this precludes the use of mercury “silver” fillings.

If you wish to have your mercury amalgam fillings removed and want the best possible materials to replace them, we offer a clean and safety-focused replacement procedure. Please click Safe Mercury Amalgam Fillings Removal by Our Office for more details.

We understand that every patient has unique biocompatibility. Not everyone reacts the same way to the products used in dentistry. Choosing the most suitable dental materials is important for a health-conscious, environmentally sensitive patient, especially for those who have hypersensitivity to metals or other dental materials. With the result of your bio-compatibility test as a reference (By Clifford Consulting & Research), we can carefully select materials that are known to be safe and suitable for your dental needs.

By the same token, we want the dental materials to last. We select the most durable materials currently available, so that your smile and restorations in your mouth will last for many years.

As a dental patient, you have many choices. We encourage you to explore them. If a shared “Doctor/Patient” approach is important to you, we believe that Advanced Dental Care will meet your needs.