Temporary Crowns or Veneers

Temporary crowns or veneers are used to cover a tooth or teeth after they have been prepared for a permanent crown/veneer. When the tooth is prepared it is reduced to a smaller size than the original tooth. We must then make a temporary crown or veneer in order to retain the space in between the teeth as well as prevent the gums from growing over the tooth. The following are a few things to help you get through the next two weeks until the permanent crown or veneer is placed at our Tacoma dental office.

• If the temporary comes off you MUST COME BACK IN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! We will then re-cement the temporary back on for you.

• For the next two weeks please avoid sticky and chewy types of foods: such as gum, taffy, caramels and hard candies; Also stay away from hard to chew foods such as: tough breads and meats.

• Do not floss the teeth. If you absolutely feel like you have to floss, you must push the floss through the contact of the teeth PULL THE FLOSS THROUGH THE TEETH, NOT UP OR DOWN! Use a floss threader under splinted teeth or a bridge.

• If the temporary breaks please CONTACT US AS SOON AS POSSIBLE because we will need to make a new temporary for you until the new crown/veneer arrives.

• In some cases a prepped tooth may eventually need Root canal therapy.
Please keep in mind that these are meant only for temporary usage. They are not meant to last a long period of time. So please be gentle to the area that has been worked on. Minor aches and pains are normal, such as sore gums or tooth sensitivity. Warm salt water rinses 3 times a day (a teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water, rinse-swish-spit) will help the gums heal quicker and pain/swelling to subdue. If you have any question or concerns, please contact us.