Emergency Dental Care

Tacoma emergency dental care — We understand when you have a dental emergency, it is a true crisis. Dental infection can be life threatening, dental pain can be unbearable.

We have the commitment to our patients. If you are a patient of record, we will take care of your emergency the same day.

If you are a new patient, we are going to try our best, to accommodate you as much as our schedule allows to take care of your emergency the same day. Please call (253) 472-0805 to schedule.

The signs and symptoms:
Every emergency situation will have signs and symptoms that you will be able to recognize. The following are the most common signs of a dental emergency:

Pain — Pain is the most obvious symptom, especially if it’s severe or recurrent.  Even if you only get an isolated jolt of pain that decreases or goes away after taking a pain reliever, don’t assume you can let it slide. It must be still considered an emergency, even if you consider it minor, or if you’ve gotten used to it. Pain is the body’s chief, although often delayed, warning device.
Swelling or lump — Any swelling, lump, or tenderness in the jaw or gum region usually indicates either an abscessed tooth ( especially if it’s in the area of the jaw where the roots of the teeth are located) or an abscess of the gum pocket. It could also indicate a more serious condition, like a tumor. The area may be tender, but not necessarily painful. So, even if there’s no pain, the condition must be dealt with immediately.
Bleeding — Bleeding around the teeth or gums, whether it’s constant or occasional, usually indicates gum disease. Bleeding isn’t limited to gum disease. If you have bleeding gums, even if you think you know the cause of it, you should be examined, diagnosed, and treated immediately.
Odor — A strong, fetid, putrid odor is another symptom of an emergency, though not often thought of as such. In most cases, this odor is symptomatic of acute gum disease.