Preventing the Plaque Invasion

Preventing Plaque As soon as the germ-laden plaque starts to form at the gum line, your body musters its defensive forces to battle the bacteria. The germs that come in contact with the gum tissue release toxins that irritate and inflame the tissue. Soon the inflammation stimulates the release of germ-fighting cells in the immediate area of the plaque formation, causing in increase of blood flow to the surface of the gum tissue, which causes the gums to swell.  A battle between health and disease has now been initiated — your body’s defenses versus the germs. The result is a buildup of millions of dead germs and millions of used-up, dead defense cells. As the fight continues, the battlefield debris is added to the growing plaque, and more and more plaque is formed.  Once it has begun, this process goes on minute by minute, hour by hour, until you step into have the plaque removed and to control the germ population, or until your teeth fall out.  There are better ways to overcome plaque than to lose your teeth.

Within a few days, the gums that once were firm and healthy begin to lose their tone and elasticity. As the infection proceeds, the gums lose their ability to grip the tooth firmly at the top of the gum line, and the pocket between the gum and the tooth loosens and becomes more accessible to the invasive plaque. The plaque on the teeth now spreads in all directions and begins to push into the pocket.  As it does so, it comes in contact with more gum tissue, and the inflammation process expands.  An ever-increasing number of your body’s defensive cells are called upon to resist the germs. Without your intervention, your body’s natural defenses may win a few battles, but in time they will surely lose the war.