Hygiene Therapy

When the hygienist gets down to the business of hygiene therapy, the procedure will consist of most of the following steps:

— Plaque and calculus (tartar) removal
— Removal of infected gum tissue
— Teeth desensitization before cleaning
— Cleaning and polishing
— Monitoring your recall program
— Expanded periodontal therapy. Most advanced periodontal disease will require some treatment by the dentist or the periodontist, but hygienists are qualified to handle the disease until it reaches a certain severity. She/he will tell you where that line is, and with her help you may not have to cross it.

Your role:

It will be almost impossible for your dental hygienist to successfully perform her role unless you are willing to perform yours. Your hygienist knows that there’s a vast difference in the oral health of those who get involved and those who don’t. Although active hygiene therapy consumes most of the time she spends with you, she nevertheless does her best to provide you with as much as preventative information as she can. The bottom line is that the success or failure of your oral hygiene program ultimately will be determined by your desire, your knowledge and understanding, and your willingness to work with her and the rest of the dental team.