Dental Services for Children

We advise that you bring your child in between 24 and 36 months of age for their first dental visit. The dental examination will make sure that their teeth are healthy and that, as parents, you have the best information about oral hygiene and diet to prevent tooth decay. For older children, we provide a dental examination, tooth cleaning, and x-rays when needed.

Please be assured that our dental staff is very experienced with young patients, and we will always do our best to calm their fears, make them feel comfortable and give them a pleasant dental experience.

We see children from the age of about 3 on. We want this to be a positive experience so the first visit is a “happy visit”. Our goal is to introduce ourselves to the child and let him/her experience the dental light, a ride in the chair, the squirt of water and the sound of the suction. We also provide overhead TV for entertainment. If an exam and or a polish of the teeth is possible, then we will proceed as the child allows us to. We also use this valuable time to do patient education and nutrition education.