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I am a health professional and was in dentistry for many years. I have immune system challenges and Dr. Xu and his staff are SO reassuring and they take all the precautions, care and procedures to make sure my visits are comfortable and healthy. Thank you to the entire staff, I will continue to refer my clients.

– Gloria G.

Dr. Xu is clearly one of the best in the South Sound. Read his Bio. He is very personal, comforting, and experienced, gives you the feeling that you’re being treated by a professor of Dentistry. The office is high end, brand new equipment, the Doctor very experienced yet without the attitude you normally see at the nicer dentals in the area. Ive been a patient at both of google’s other highest rated dentists in the South Sound area and they were just as nice, but add rushy, pushy, and most of the time a Dr. straight out of Dental school grinding your teeth. A much different experience than with Dr. Xu! I highly recommend him but… I dont mind if the office stays quiet and not hectic.

– Sam O.

My husband decided to have his amalgam fillings removed. After looking for a dentist who could do it safely in Seattle where we live, we decided that Advanced Dental Care was the place. Based on their informative website we sent in a request for information via email. My husband received a call the previous day and was able to get in for an appointment two days later. His appointment was first thing this morning and the whole staff was there and ready to go. The office is comfortable, clean and modern. Deanna at the front desk was very genuine and attentive. Bill the assistant was also very genuine and attentive and made sure to spend time with us to explain everything. Dr. Xu was at the same time professional, funny, informative, thorough and knowledgeable. After some research about how to remove amalgams safely and responsibly both my husband and I feel very good about the decision to go ahead with Dr. Xu and his team. Even I decided to see them for a cleaning and regular checkup.

– Carrie B.

Dr. Xu, I just wanted to say thank you once again for the professional yet personal way that you worked with me and my particular anxieties. I appreciate the compassion, information and flexability you and all of your staff extended to make things as comfortable as possible during my dental office visit. I also appreciated the speed with which you worked to keep things moving as quickly as possible for me. I am truly looking forward to the day when I can relax with the headphones and just be at ease in your dental office. The work was great; the bite is perfect on the crown and there was never a bit of discomfort chewing on it thereafter.

Thanks again for all of your effort. God Blessings,

– Laurie Annah

Highly Recommend Dr. Xu.

  • Great office environment and great staff.
  • Dr. Xu explains things very well and I felt absolutely no pain during the procedure.
  • Dr. Xu does not use mercury amalgam which was the most important aspect of choosing a new dentist.
  • I will most definitely being seeing Dr. Xu in the future to remove my remaining 15 year old amalgams.
– David W.

From the people at the front desk, to the dental assistants to the dentist himself, I was treated with respect and was put at ease from the moment I got there. every question was answered and everything was explained to me. I have avoided going to the dentist for over 5 years, out of fear and not great experiences. Environmentally aware, quality work, Im SO happy with the service, would def. recommend!

– Sarah C.

Dr. Xu is the best dentist that I’ve ever had. How can you find the ideal dentist? By combining the gentleness, intelligence, skill, technical proficiency, and visionary commitment of Dr. Xu. He is extremely gentle. Even his novocaine injections are gentle, compared to other dentists. His skill and technical proficiency are peerless. After having him work on my mouth, I don’t want to work with anyone else. His is an extraordinary healthcare provider. He took my mercury fillings out, and was even more careful and concerned about the impact on my body and tissues than the Physician that was working with me. Dr. Xu did research on my condition, from a dental/medical perspective and shared the results with my doctor so that they could work as a team. Dr. Xu was actually more engaged, and did more to help me heal from a related medical condition than the Doctor who was treating the issue. Dr. Xu provided both the support and the information that the Dr. needed to resolve my issues. On top of that, Dr. Xu rebuild the way my mouth and teeth close, so for the first time in my memory, my teeth line up and close together. No other dentist has EVER been skilled and talented enough to do that. Before I worked with Dr. Xu, I was habitually grinding my teeth, because my bite was off-set. My mouth now closes perfectly, and I have a perfect “bite.”

I have a long dental and medical history, and Dr. Xu has renewed my faith in the dental profession. I have had terrible experiences in the past with unethical and incompetent dentists. I have also had good experiences with talented and capable dentists. However, they still put in mercury fillings in my mouth and seemed completely unconcerned about related medical issues. No one I’ve ever worked with has as gentle a touch, as skillful a technique, or as deep a commitment to health and healing and the medical/dental profession as Dr. Xu. I’ve NEVER had a dentist as capable as Dr. Xu in ALL AREAS. I highly recommend him.

– Sarah C.

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